Social Media Works- The Problem Is Your Content

Here Are 156 Posts For You! 

Download my book "156 Captions That Convert", a video series, and a printable planner that will give you visibility, almost overnight

What's Inside Social Greatness Bundle?

Social Greatness is a bingeable series. As soon as you sign up, you'll get access to Social Greatness portal and start using my powerful tools. 

  • Module 1:  156 Captions That Convert  

    Since I want to give you instant wins, in Module 1 you'll get my book 156 Captions to Convert and a video where I'm covering exactly how to use this tool to pump out content that converts.

  • Module 2: The ABC Method To Identify Your Target Audience

    Now that you have a bank of content at your disposal, we need to identify how to share your message in a way that gets your clients. I'll teach you the tools I use to find ideal clients. This will eliminate all the guessing from your social media marketing! 

  • Module 3: How To Plan A Month Of Content In 3 Steps

    Once you're done with your research, you'll be ready to create your content. I will show you how we get this done in batches. Just like a factory. You'll be surprise with how simple this process is, once you use my 4x3 Grid.

  • Module 4: Tools To Write Captions That Convert 

    Since you'll have my 4x3 Grid,  the next step is to actually write the content; which is exactly what I cover in Module 4. After this module, you'll write all your content for the month! 

  • Module 5: Graphic Design & Content Scheduling

    By now, all your ideas are clear and you'll ready to simply schedule your month of content. I'll show you my favorite FREE apps to schedule content.

  • Module 6: 90-Day Launch Plan

    Sharing content alone won't give you clients. For this reason, I included my 90-Day Launch strategic plan. This will give you a roadmap to generate SALES from social media. Even if you don't have a website, this works!

We signed up 300 students in one month


Jessica has so much knowledge, so many ideas and is so encouraging! We signed up 300 students in one month, following her organic social media strategies.  


Kim Barnes, 

Barnes Team Media

Kim Barnes

Media Coach

She has truly perfected the craft of relationship marketing


I don't have enough great things to say about Jessica! I have been working with her for just a few weeks and I can see the amount of knowledge and passion she has in her business! She has truly perfected the craft of relationship marketing and I am so excited to learn more and build my business with her help. I am a fan! Highly recommend!!

Sehar Aijaz




It does not get better than Jessica Campos! She has been my mentor for over 3 years. Her impact on my business has helped me triple my income. She is a social media influencer aka guru! I trust her leadership and expertise. Highly recommend a conversation with her ASAP.

Emily Montgomery

Health Insurance For SBO

I can't wait to meet you inside Social Greatness!

Becoming an entrepreneur of a multi-six figure business has transformed my life. 


8 years ago I escaped a stressful career of owning a law firm. In fact, I was chasing a toddler and changing my newborn’s diaper when I just knew I wanted a different path. We minimized expenses, and I invested in a coach feeling it was my last chance before I HAD to get a job. And, that shift changed everything. 


Now, I’m on a mission to help passionate visionaries like you grow your passion into a thriving business with a magnetic online presence so you can exit the hustle and enjoy the freedom of consistent leads each month. 


Strategizing and planning are some of my super powers. And I just love how the things that are natural to me, after doing this for so many years, can bring so much impact in your next big digital move!


I can't wait for you to experience Social Greatness


To greatness and beyond, 



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